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Kids Corner

Polk Street School

Polk Street Bulldog Mascot

GINGERBREAD VILLAGEPhoto of student in front of paper Gingerbread House wall display

BY: Ysabella (5K)

Calling all Polk Streeters! The 5th grade is doing a Gingerbread Village Fundraiser to raise money for families in need this holiday season. What’s going to happen? Every 5th grader is going to make a gingerbread house and all the classes at Polk Street School are going to vote on which house is the best. There are four 5th grade classes and there will be ONE winner from each class. We would love it if people could donate a small amount of cash (any amount) to help families this holiday season. Help us spread some holiday cheer and visit the 5th grade Gingerbread Village!



*6th Graders Make Holiday Wishes*

My three holiday wishes are:

  • To put an end to children's hunger across the globe
  • For all to have a happy and healthy New Year
  • For everyone to get to spend the holidays with those they love and care for

-Aminata S.

I wish...

  • For the health of people across our country
  • For everyone to have a person they know they can always trust/talk to
  • For everyone to be kind to one another

-Gabrielle W.

 My wishes...

  • That homeless families are kept warm during this cold winter season
  • That this New Year is bright and happy for all
  • To help those that are sick become healthy and hopeful for the future

- Vincenza L.


 My holiday wishes...

  • To put a stop to racism all over the world
  • To put an end to  world hunger
  • To stop hate and spread more kindness

-Danny B.

I wish...

  • For my family to be healthy and safe
  • For a happy New Year for all
  • To make Earth a better place for us all

-Lizbeth J.

My wishes for the holidays...

  • To stop world hunger for kids
  • To spread happiness throughout the world
  • To stop hate and fighting in the world. It's okay to be different!

-Matthew L.



John Street News

John Street Cougars mascot


John Street School’s “Veterans/Heroes Day”

John Street School  created a “JSS Hall of Heroes” in observance of Veterans Day. Students were able to  recognize and honor those in our own John Street Family who have served in the military.  Students were able to view the faces of those that have devoted their service to protect our freedom.

Savannah V.

"The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional to how they perceive the Veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated by their nation." -- President George Washington


John Street School’s Frozen Turkey Drive

“Giving is not just about making a donation it's about making a difference.”

Kathy Calvin


Mrs. Derby, Ms DiCerbo, Mrs Harrigan, Mrs. Uhoda, Mrs. Soupios and Mrs. Zarella are teachers that are part of the “Thanksgiving Committee”.  This year staff and families collected 70 frozen turkeys.  The turkeys were distributed to the following organizations: The Long Island Council of Churches in Hempstead, The Interfaith Nutrition Network in Hempstead, Aunt Gail's Outreach in Hempstead and St. Martha's Social ministry in Uniondale. 


John Street School “Gives Thanks”

cursive text graphic: 'give thanks'

Student reporters interviewed staff to see what they were thankful for…


  • Mr. Riccobono is the principal of John street school.  He is thankful for being able to celebrate this year's thanksgiving with his family at his house. He's thankful for his family. He is also thankful that boys and girls are back in school because he missed them last year.
  • Mrs Titler is a Teacher. She is thankful for her Kind students, her health and her family.
  • Mrs. Randazzo is the art teacher.  She is thankful for her grandkids and being able to enjoy the holiday with them. She has been teaching for 22 years and she loves seeing what we create.

Anthony L., Matthew C., Savannah V. 



Coach has taught physical education for 25 years in total.  He taught 4 years at JSS and 21 years at PSS.   His favorite part of teaching is building confidence within his students.   When he was younger and playing sports he was the captain of all his teams.  He liked boosting his teammates' confidence.   He became a PE teacher because he loved playing sports.  Coach said that when he first started teaching physical education he worked with a P.E. teacher that played hockey with the students.   He said that he loved the way she played but she had the children using hard sticks.   When Coach started teaching his students the “Hockey Unit”, he decided to use foam sticks.   


Savannah  V., Emily V., Eibhlin M. 



Text graphic: 'Washington Street School'

Washington Street Kindness Chain

By:  Abraham S.

Each student wrote a kind message or compliment on a colored strip of paper and they were linked together to make a chain. The chain is displayed in the school lobby for everyone to see. 6th grade students helped hang the kindness chain. If a student is having a bad day, they can look at the chain and remember that Washington Street School is a kind place to be. It symbolizes one united school.

Students hold up the kindness chain for a photoGroup photo of students standing below the kindness chain


Festive Decorations

By: Makayla L. and Kristen P.

Washington Street School has been getting ready for the holidays. Each class created and decorated ornaments and took turns hanging them on the tree, which is in the school lobby. The tree has a great display of ornaments including snowmen, reindeer, snowflakes and stars. Staff and students are also getting into the holiday spirit with door decorations.

Door decorated with a snowman surrounded by lightsStudent adds an ornament to the school lobby Christmas treeDoor decorated like a gingerbread houseStudent adds an ornament to the school lobby Christmas tree


Toy Drive

By: Abraham S.

Washington Street proudly collected new toy donations for the Long Island Toy Drive. This was a way that we can give to those in need this holiday season.

Student places a toy in the Long Island Toy Drive collection box.