Accelerated Reading Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

Accelerated Reading

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions


1.  Can my child read books above or below their ZPD?

Yes and No.  For optimal reading growth, all students are encouraged to read books within their current ZPD’s.  However, there may be times when a student chooses to read a book above or below their ZPD.  For example, if a student’s current ZPD is above their grade level (i.e. a sixth grade student with a ZPD 7.0 and higher) that student may always choose to read a book at a sixth grade level.  If a student enjoys reading books from a particular series (i.e. The Diary of a Wimpy Kid) and that book is above or below his or her ZPD, the student can choose to read the book. 

However, a student cannot choose to read books below their current ZPD’s in an attempt to “load” up on points, teacher and parent discretion would be needed in a case such as this. 


 2.  Can my child retake a test he or she failed?

No.  Students are not permitted to retake a test he or she failed.  If a student fails three or more tests, a student’s ZPD may be adjusted by the teacher so that the student meets with greater success.


3.  How can I check if my child took a test?

Parents can access student records using the Parent/Home Connect option on the Renaissance Learning website.  Student records can be accessed using your child’s unique Accelerated Reading user id and password.  Please note that for students in grades 4-6, the child’s percentage of goals may not be accurate.  Parents can also ask their child’s teacher at any time for an updated record. 


4.  Do the schools and the Franklin Square Public Library have AR books labeled?

Yes.  Each grade level has an assigned book cart with AR books that are labeled with both point values and reading levels.  The school library, and the Franklin Square Public Library, has books labeled as well.  And of course any of the Librarians would be a great resource to help your child find a book at his or her reading level. 


5.  My child read a newly released book.  When will there be a test for it?

The Franklin Square School District does not generate the tests for the Accelerated Reading Program.  All tests are generated by the Renaissance Learning Company.  It typically takes about three weeks after a book is released for a test to be available for a student.


6.  My child is a reluctant reader.  How can I motivate him or her to read more? 

Most research indicates that modeling a love of reading is the best way to encourage children to read.  If possible, set aside a time in the house and have everyone read!  Students also need to have a high interest in the book or author as well.  Often the best way to do this is to find a particular series that excites the student to read.  All of our Librarians are well versed in recommending books/series of high interest to our students. 


7.  Can my child look through the book or at notes as they take an Accelerated Reading test?

Typically, this is permitted for any book that the child read over the summer and may be testing on in September.  In limited situations throughout the school year, at the teacher’s discretion, a student may be permitted to look back at the book while testing. 


8.  How can I find information about the reading level and point value of a book?

This information can be found by visiting the  This is a search site that will allow you to sort/locate books by Title, Author, Reading Level or Point Level. 


9.  When is the cut-off date for reaching Honors’ Certification?

The end of the year AR cut-off date is always listed on the District calendar.  In order to be fair to all students, this is a date that must be adhered to. 


10.  Is reading part of the required homework?

Yes.  As part of each child’s homework, students are expected to read independently a minimum of twenty minutes per day.